Full name _
Aliases _
Gender ???
Pronouns They/it
Age 20s
Orientation Asexual, questioning
Species Dog furry (Border collie)
Occupation _
Residence _
Status _


Portfiend's "shared fursona". A very mellow and unusual dog; lacks the energy or confidence of a typical border collie. Their emotions can be hard to decipher. They may seem agitated or bored at times when they're not. Instead of wagging their tail when excited, their tail seems to whip around and thump against things like a cat.



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Commissions Ask first
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Designer Me
Owner Me

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I don't have the time or the energy to configure these fields manually, but in general:

Assuming you want to show me the art in question

  • Fan works are ok, no need to ask.
    • By default if I receive fanart I will add it to this site's gallery. Let me know if you don't want this.
    • Free gift works is also always fine!
  • If you wanna pay someone money to give me fan works as a gift, please ask.
    • If you just want to commission works of my characters for yourself, that's whatever. Feel free, I guess.
    • I don't like being surprised with gifts that people paid money for. I consider getting me something I like more important than catching me by complete surprise, so if the work's for me, ask first!!!!!!!!
  • Feel free to make art/writing/etc. of your characters interacting with mine
  • Shipping is fine (I will rarely, if ever, put limits on this)
  • Violence is okay, but with some limitations:
    • Please no realistic gore. Don't torture my characters or treat them like snuff films.
      • Basically if it would make most people's empathy centers start freaking out a little maybe don't show that to me
    • Cartoon / stylized / abstract gore is fine
    • It is always better to ask!
  • For sexual/fetish content:
    • Please just ask me first! I like to consider my boundaries particularly lenient, but if I can't give input, then I can't tell you whether you're violating my boundaries or not.
    • In general I'm pretty uncomfortable with my characters being put into abusive / unwilling / unconsenting situations solely as a form of JO material / cutesy entertainment. Also, go figure, I am extremely not comfortable with depictions of abuse against animals/minors.
      • If a character is made to do something they wouldn't want to do while awake and sober, that applies here.

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If I make stories meant for the public that depicts characters in (insert situation here), feel free to assume that it's chill if you depict those characters in similar situations. The characters are probably directly intended to explore those scenarios. But if you wanna be extra sure, check their character page's permissions.

I can't stop you from doing whatever you want with my characters, nor do I want or care to. Instead consider this list as a set of personal boundaries, if you wanna do XYZ and I've stated it makes me uncomfortable, just don't show me.

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