Simon Aalders

Simon Aalders

Full name Simon K. Aalders
Aliases _
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Age 20s
Orientation Bisexual
Species Human
Occupation _
Residence _
Status Alive


Simon moved to Acrem, Wildet as a young child due to his father getting a job at the company that owned the industrial mining-and-ranching colony. Like other families that moved to the planet, Simon's family bore witness to the corporate colony's abysmal safety regulations and human/labor rights violations. Simon's family could never afford a spaceship of their own, meaning their only supplies came straight from the company's offworld cargo ships.

Around the time Simon turned 20, he boarded one of these ships as a stowaway and vowed to never look back. He did not expect to undergo ten days' worth of constant barrages of the hostile paranormal, an incident that killed the ship's pilot (an AI) and left Simon with a lasting phobia of space travel.

The ship crash-landed into [PLANET], or more specifically Simon landed it and threw the spaceship into the planetary sea. He found a new home in the [NATION] metropolis and bounced between jobs to keep his living situation afloat.

Having spent most of his childhood with little "normal" social contact, Simon seems intent that he is "owed" the space, time, and resources to explore what "normal people" got to do and he never could, things like sex and cigarettes. This entitlement drives Simon to effectively do things purely for his own gain with little attachment; people find that he is quite funny and cool on the surface, but quickly realize by entering any level of intimacy or deeper connection with him that they are inevitably undercut by Simon's insistence that he can't really love anyone.

Simon seems completely unfazed by the fact he gains and loses friends and exes at the drop of a hat, or at least he acts that way.



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