Full name Tech for Troglodytes
Demonym Trogs
Type Internet community
A.K.A. T4T
Topic Computer science + technology
Founded Over 20 years ago
Leader ~CR0b
Status Active

Tech for Troglodytes, also known as tech4trogs, T4T, and sometimes expanded humorously to technology for troglodytes, is an internet forum community founded by (TODO) and currently owned by T4T veteran and small-time celebrity Robbie "Crob" Cybil. Members of the forum are colloquially known as "trogs".

Due to the constraints of space travel and how it affects network signals, chatrooms are largely unviable for real-time communication from another star; as a result, forums have seen a resurgence as a less real-time but more long-term medium of conversation. tech4trogs is generally regarded as one of, if not the largest interstellar forum community, with numerous splinter groups and associated communities.


An online forum originally created for "expert" computer scientists to network and talk about boring job bullshit, T4T quickly passed to new ownership and a rebrand to become a forum community dedicated to sharing resources and helping "amateur" or "hobbyist" programmers.

It has since developed a strong, tight-knit culture after over two decades of service. T4T is known for two major things - being full of neurodivergent trans furries, and inventing the interstellar internet infrastructure as we know it.


Originally, tech4trogs was a professional and business-focused tech community. It was so fucking boring that the original owner fucked off pretty quick, and then it got picked up by other parties.

tech4trogs's original server was hosted on the planet (TODO). During this transitionary period before the site had developed its culture, a major ethical controvery boiled over involving a few stray business executives that remained from the site's founding period. During this time, a landmark community movement swept the site without the input of moderation: kill all billionaires Become Unmarketable. The then-owner, a largely apolitical perspective on this situation, did not stop this incident from shaping the future of T4T forever, but they probably had to delete a lot of rule-breaking pornography in the wake of it.

A young hacktivist and major forum troublemaker at the time, SeaRob, came under moderator fire for going a little bit overboard in his crusade against immoral capitalists. However, T4T moderation discovered that SeaRob had an unusual network location - it changed frequently over the course of a single day. SeaRob served a two-week forum ban and was immediately prodded by the site's owner for questioning. SeaRob confessed that he was accessing T4T from another planet.

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